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It wasn’t hard for us to decide to create a site dedicated to outdoor adventure with our dog.

Hunnybear on the bow of our Sea Eagle kayak. Turkey Creek near Palm Bay, Florida
Hunnybear on the bow of our Sea Eagle kayak. Turkey Creek near Palm Bay, Florida

“Hunnybear” came into our lives and quickly became an important part of our family!  She’s an English Golden Retriever, and accompanies us on vacations, out to dinner, to the beach and anywhere that accepts the presence of pets.  As a matter of fact, we tend to avoid doing things that would not include our dog!

We love the outdoors.  We camp, kayak, fish and hike and by adding our dog to the mix, it has further enriched these experiences for us.  This site will be a great opportunity for us to share what we have learned through research and “trial and error” as we systematically exposed our dog to these activities.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog will “learn the ropes” by understanding a little bit of the psychology and dog training techniques that we used to prepare our dog for these activities. You’ll love outdoor adventure even more by experiencing them with your best friend!  Readers will be rewarded with best practices for teaching your dog to ride on your kayak,  while maintaining safety for you and your dog.  We’ll analyze dog adventure gear uncovering the best, and worst products for your dog.  It is also our goal to provide a forum where you can share your experiences and ask those specific questions to make your next dog adventure even better!

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